What are you thankful for this season?Dublin Anyone?

Hard to believe that American Thanksgiving is almost here.  This year we’re thankful for health, family (some more than others) and wanderlust, while recognizing that many are suffering due to natural disasters.  My brother and his wife Kimberly were displaced from their house while the mighty Nuns fire swept through Santa Rosa, CA but luckily their house still stands.  As we enter the season of gifting as a family we’ve decided not to purchase gifts for friends/family but rather donate the dollars to the men and women first responders in Northern California and those who lost everything without the benefit of time.

Now a little about our wanderlust during the Thanksgiving school break.  We decided to stay closer to home this year and venture to the land of my ancestors, Ireland and U.K. (Thanks to Ancestry DNA, it’s confirmed I’m 5% Irish, 11% British and pretty much the rest Spanish).  Any fun ideas for Dublin with Kids?

And a special birthday shout out to Belinda who turns 7 today.  Cherish the moment because they grow up way to quick.


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