A little Dublin fun…

We weren’t sure what to expect in Dublin but have found a city with really warm and caring folks (and they like to drink here!).  We elected to stay in the center of Dublin at the Westin (needed to requalfiy for Platinum 50), which has made for an easy and quick way to see most of the city.

We started the day with a great brunch at Brasserie Sixty 6 that included the best Bloody Mary that I’ve had and a full Irish breakfast (not totally sure what those black and white puddings were made of, but they were tasty…even if the kids did get thrown off when we asked if they wanted a bite of pudding since they were expecting the Jello kind)!

After brunch, we made our way over to Trinity College to check out the alma mater of Oscar Wilde (and many others), as well as to view the Book of Kells exhibit and take in the awe-inspiring “Long Room” library at the college.  The Book of Kells was beautiful and interesting, but that library was one of the most amazing things we’ve ever seen.  It truly looked like something straight out of Hogwarts!  I wish they’d let you climb the ladders and browse all those books, but, alas, it’s just for viewing.

After traipsing around the campus for a bit, we walked over to Dublin Castle.  Belinda is always excited any time she gets to see a “real” castle, and as this one is still in use for official Irish state functions, it’s still all gilded out in grandeur….much more up her alley than the ruins of the Moorish castles we saw in Spain this summer!

Finally, we ended our afternoon with a very chilly carriage ride through the famous squares of the city around St. Stephen’s Green.  The city is picturesque with all the Georgian buildings and the famous doors of the city.  I can only imagine how beautiful it must be in spring and summer when all the flowers are blooming.

We did get a treat just before dinner as a lighted Christmas parade went in front of our hotel…we wish we’d have known about it as we only just caught the tail end.  Our evening ended with a quiet dinner at Cleaver East restaurant, and then a brisk walk in very cold rain back to the hotel…our umbrellas were left here as the forecast didn’t call for rain!  Luckily it was the end of the evening and we were able to warm up back at the hotel quickly.

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