Enchanting Bali

We have procrastinated writing this blog post for the last several months because we know it will be the last travel post we write for a while due to COVID-19. Our visit to Bali happened February 13-20, 2020…and a few weeks later, the whole of France was placed into strict confinement, and the entire world […]

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A little Dublin fun…

We weren’t sure what to expect in Dublin but have found a city with really warm and caring folks (and they like to drink here!).  We elected to stay in the center of Dublin at the Westin (needed to requalfiy for Platinum 50), which has made for an easy and quick way to see most of […]

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What’s Next…?

After 22 years in the airline industry, 3 mergers, and countless course corrections, I decided to leave the world’s largest airline and focus on those that matter most to me.  Mi Familia. Leading to my last day in the office the question I got asked the most was… “so what’s your next job?”.  Well the […]

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