Enchanting Bali

We have procrastinated writing this blog post for the last several months because we know it will be the last travel post we write for a while due to COVID-19. Our visit to Bali happened February 13-20, 2020…and a few weeks later, the whole of France was placed into strict confinement, and the entire world […]

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Seeking Santa in Strasbourg

One of the things we knew we wanted to experience while living in Europe were some of the amazing Christmas markets that happen every year. With Fern’s brother scheduled to come to Paris for Christmas this year, we decided we’d do the trip with him, and chose Strasbourg as our destination. Due to a massive […]

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A Wonderful Weekend in Warsaw

Back in late September, Fern had a business trip to Warsaw, and the kids and I decided to join him to spend a weekend there. When the idea first came up, I will admit I thought, “Warsaw? Shouldn’t we meet in Krakow?” I had visions of dingy, depressing, Soviet era buildings and nothing to do. […]

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The Amazing Maldives

Since we spent the better part of the summer either getting ready to move or getting settled after moving, we decided to take one last getaway before school started. We debated and debated as to where to go…and had thought we were settled on either Portugal or Croatia. We wanted to relax, though, since this […]

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Tokyo for spring break after a few weeks commuting to DCA for my interim gig sounded like a good plan. right! Well, a 14 hour plane ride. a 1 hour train. A short taxi ride that was a bit funny as the driver got totally lost and drove us into a dead end street and […]

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