un week-end à paris

We started our 789 journey with strong tailwinds, so we got into Paris about an hour early. We decided to stay at the Renaissance Paris Le Parc at Trocadero which was perfectly situated for all things Paris.   A short walk from our hotel we discovered a great boulangerie and got plenty of croissants and Cafe au lasts.   We headed to the Arc de Triomphe…and climbed the approximately 7 gazillion stairs to the top for a great view of Paris. We took Belinda on her pilgrimage to Laduree to get macarons (her favorite treat), and then took a nice walk along the Seine.

We awoke to a beautiful morning in Paris and decided to do brunch at a great place on the island, and then walked over to see the Notre Dame. We spent our afternoon walking along the Seine (which is very flooded because of all the recent rain), and exploring little shops. Belinda requested more macarons, so we stopped back at Ladurée for more of them and some champagne/wine be for mom & dad. Capped off the evening with dinner at one of the restaurants inside the Eiffel Tower…a fun experience.

Our final day in Paris we committed ourselves to the Louvre.  It was cold and rainy so a perfect day to take in all the beauty and craziness of the Louvre. Kids loved getting to see the Mona Lisa, and, truly, the Louvre itself is so pretty, it’d be worth walking through even if you didn’t like art! Ended the day with a wonderful traditional French dinner with (of course) excellent wine. Au revoir, Paris! It’s been great fun!

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