I took a pill in Ibiza…(don’t worry, it was just a vitamin)…

Today was a beach day in Ibiza, Spain.  We simply drove to a beach and spent a couple of hours lounging in the Spanish sun before heading back to the ship.  The day was quite windy, however, so the surf was quite a bit rougher than it likely would have been otherwise.

Ibiza is a true European beach, so our kids got an “education.”  There were topless women everywhere.  Culturally, it is quite normal for women to sunbathe without their bikini tops here, including the group of women in the chairs right next to ours.  We should’ve thought of this and warned the children before heading to the beach, but it honestly never crossed our minds until we arrived.

Even though the surf was pretty rough, we waded out into the water as it remained quite shallow very far from the shore.  The water over here is a beautiful color as well, and this beach was a nice, sandy beach.  It still blows my mind that at the Spanish and Italian beaches, we’ve been able to order a really good glass of wine from the beach bar…such a difference from bars in the Caribbean (and most of the USA as well).  After a couple of hours of playing in the waves and building sand castles, we headed back to the ship for some pool time and a late lunch.

Ibiza is quite the party scene.  This party atmosphere is definitely felt at the beach, even during the late morning and early afternoon hours.  It’s not exactly our scene (we’re probably too old and conservative), but it was nice to be able to see it, take a swim, and see what Ibiza has to offer.

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